oh nothing

i would watch you read for hours,

tucking shy hints of white blonde hair behind bruised elf ears

glasses too big for your nose

always falling off

i was shy

overwhelmed with you

could no longer be bothered with the library

smelling of talc and the bottom of the ocean

i wouldn’t know a story if it hit me in the mouth

other than the one being revealed by your eyes

startled or furrowed or close to tears

day to day

that summer

your life began its slow ruin away

i wish i had thought to hold your hand

to rescue you, give you a tulip to grow on your window sill

build you a ship

paint you a story ceiling, a fairy tale tent with climbing flowers,

buy you an ice cream cone,

something for you to hold, to make it all alright

to make you smile

and tear you away from those sad pages

from your own very tragic ending

i think of you and the freckles on your nose

the lace trim of your skirt

and how you always wanted to fly away like me

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